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JULY, 2018

So, the other day I was scouting around online for a new and interesting recipe to try out on my set of captive guinea pigs, (aka ‘The Kids’) and it struck me that with the internet today there must be so many ways that we can learn to cook now.

When I was younger I always used to rely on a recipe book by Delia Smith which I still use from time to time, but, and I guess this is true of all recipe books, you’re limited to the recipes in the book. And there are SO many out there.

Popular Chef – Jamie Oliver

So more and more these days, I keep finding myself influenced by the internet and social media for cooking inspiration.

Whether you like the look of something you saw on TV, or in my case, popped up in one of my social media timelines like Twitter or Facebook, it’s really causing an impetus for me to try out new things which I never really did that much when all we had to rely on was our trusty recipe books.

A recipe has no soul.  You as the cook have to bring the soul to the recipe.

Don’t get me wrong. I think there is still a place for recipe books in the world and I have several, but maybe it’s the spontaneity of the way in which social media works that is causing this. By that I mean you have no control over when you might see an image or an article for a particular recipe, whether it’s on Facebook or Pinterest, you get inspired. Know what I mean? You see it and then you want to eat it!

And it’s this process, that I think is driving me to try more things. To be more adventurous in the kitchen with what I’m cooking.


And it’s this process that I think is driving me to try more things. It’s also noticeable how many educational apps and websites are springing up that help with this as well. Whether you like the Kitchen Stories app or the BBC Good Food website or courses on Udemy like ‘Kitchen Basics‘, it’s all so easy now for us to at least attempt to improve as cooks.

With that in mind, I’d love to hear about your favorite apps, websites and online courses that you have used to improve your cooking. Let us know in the comments.

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