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JULY, 2018

So I was recently trawling the internet, looking for a recipe that would inspire me to make something, new, tasty, interesting, exotic – all of those things.

We always try to eat a broad range of foods, from different cuisines. As reasonably experienced travellers, we’ve been very fortunate to sample some delicious foods from around the countries we’ve visited – like Egypt, Morocco, Malaysia and Indonesia amongst others.

Chicken Kebabs

Anyway, some Indian food caught my eye and I thought I would give it a go. I check the recipe, confirmed I had all the ingredients and then set about making what I hoped would be a delicious chicken curry.

I follow my heart a lot….. often it’s to the fridge.

Now, I wouldn’t say it was a complete disaster, but it certainly wasn’t a great result. My daughter, who started out saying how it smelled so good, probably summed it up by the amount she left on her plate! Too much spice apparently.

Moroccan Tagines

So this got me wondering, where do people find their new recipes, and how do you judge whether it will be worth trying?
Are there particular sites that you always go to? Any trusted chefs that never let you down?

Please let us know in the comments below.

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