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    Welcome! We are Fig & Pickle, a small but passionate team dedicated to providing you with sleek home and travel accessories that boast eco-friendly technology without compromising on style or efficiency.


Battery free scales


  We are excited about sustainable living, but we never want to cause inconvenience to our customers’ lives. That is why our products use kinetic power rather than solar. This way, you never have to rely on an uncontrollable source to use your products. Just a quick shake, or a flick of the wrist get our products going. The battery indicator will let you know if they’re close to running out, then simply twist or shake again!   We believe in cooking as a social experience, not a chore, and we hope our kitchen scales will be a real talking point whilst you entertain your guests. Get your kids involved too, by having them play with the dial, whilst you (try) to teach them a few cookery skills!  

Our luggage scales provide absolute convenience on your travels. Imagine the dread of your batteries running out just as you are getting ready to leave for the airport. We don’t want you worrying about that ever again. Our luggage scales are never going to fail you in a moment of need.



We hope to continue sourcing and designing new, convenient, sustainable products for you to keep enjoying. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback via our contact page!      


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